Youth Programs
Weekly Program Speakers
April 18 - Meeting at the Lake House
 Paul Billings will speak about the trips he takes to Africa with high school students
Marty Sytsema introduces our guests from Fruitport High School. From left are senior students Aliviya Bosch and Daiton Campbell and Superintendent Jason Kennedy.
Sheriff Mike Poulin identifies the new Paul Harris Fellow by asking the crowd "will the only person who had a gun held at their head with me please come forward?" 
A surprised and humble Jon Gale thanks the Club for the Paul Harris Fellow award.
President Elect Tim Arter got some meeting practice in while President Ginny was traveling for her daughter's wedding!
Put all our members on your smartphone for a quick dial connection. You will be glad you did.
Emily Morgenstern provides the reflection.
Sara Rinsema-Sybenga introduces her guest and colleague Jenn Spangler.
Roger Morgenstern introduces his guest, son Nick Morgenstern.
Melissa Horton introduces this week's speakers.
Irma Carney reminded us that today marks the first of four Pours for Community fund-raisers. See you there!
One of our speakers, Kathy Sayles, United Way of the Lakeshore's childcare coordinator.
Our other speaker, Amber Rumsey, of the five county Regional Child Care Coalition.
Meredith Smillie shares with us the background and significance of receiving a Paul Harris Fellow.
In case you missed it, Meredith Smillie let us know now that we're in April, the March Madness Brave Rotarians Contest is over. Pulling out Kristi Nagengast's name as the third winner from this year's contest is Men's tournament winner Marty
Sytsema. Winning the women's tournament was Jenny McNeill.  The 32 Brave Rotarians raised $3,200 for the Rotary Foundation. Thanks to all who participated!