Why We Pour
Tim Arter provided a bonus report during his announcement as he shared a few slides with pictures and monetary details in a presentation entitled “Why We Pour” to highlight some of the benefits and benefactors of our fundraising efforts. Tim explained that he is often approached with questions about “Who? What? Where? How?” the monies raised are being spent. In brief, the Muskegon Rotary Club is “pouring the money back” into the community and across the globe. Dollars generated through various fundraising events such as Pours, (formerly) Grape Escape, Seaway Run, Chili-Cook-Off, Party-inthe-Park, Harvest Fest, etc. are collectively accounted for and distributed to numerous charitable organizations or causes as budgeted and approved by the appropriate governing body.
Tim explained that he recently reviewed the Muskegon Rotary Foundation budget and highlighted specific benevolent and humanitarian expenditures which included: Read Muskegon $10,000; El Salvador $7,000; Life Leadership $7,000; Youth Exchange $5,300; Honduras Library $3,500; MicroForest $3,000; and Food Trucks $3,000. Tim offered detailed explanations of each financial transaction indicated in the slides. He also assured the listeners that the funds designated for international activities were specifically used for materials, supplies, and related expenditures and does not cover the cost of individual participants’ travel expenses. 1
Our 2nd Season of Pours is Underway
1--Thursday, April 11 at Valkyrie at the Four Corners (NM) 6:00-9:00PM. (This will be a trivia night.)
2--Friday, April 19 at Wonderland Distilleries 4:00-6:00PM
3--Monday, April 22 at Unruly Brewing 5:00-7:00PM
4--Thursday, April 25 at 794 Kitchen 5:00-7:00PM