Welcome to Muskegon Rising, a public service of the Muskegon Rotary Club. Our purpose is to create lasting, positive change. We have been doing that here since 1916. This video/podcast series features Rotarians interviewing local change makers who are bringing their own version of positive growth to Greater Muskegon.

Video/Podcast Series on Positive Change in Muskegon County

We discover and share positive change in Greater Muskegon. A public service of the Muskegon Rotary Club.
An outreach program by the Muskegon Rotary Board of Directors, this weekly podcast/video series is hosted by DJ Hilson, Kendrah Robinson, Nick Green, Aaron Maike, Rem Sprague, Gabe Gerlach, Nancy Crandall and Lisa Stafford. The social media director is Jason Piasecki, and the production is by Mike Vogas. 
Over 3,000 Impressions
This Public Service Outreach Podcast has more than 700 downloads on Amazon, Apple Podcasts, etc. YouTube downloads exceed 2,300.
Podcasts are released weekly on Tuesdays. If you know someone we should be talking to, please let us know at MuskegonRising@MuskegonRotary.org.
Ep 23: Ensuring School Safety: A Conversation with Jon Gale
Jon Gale discusses his new role as safety and Security Liaison with Muskegon Area ISD, making safety in our schools a priority. 
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