Rotarians Show Lions We Can Get Dirty!

Muskegon Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors joined with Muskegon Northside Lions Club members Thursday night to complete the painting part of the Veterans Memorial Park bridge restoration on Thursday night. They also got a great history lesson on our club’s involvement over the years and the history of the park’s original creation.  Muskegon Rotary contributed $1700 in a community grant  that is paying for paint for both park bridges and we are further committed to help the Lions with the second bridge when it comes to sandblasting, priming, and painting. New oak wood decking is on the way for this bridge before totally complete.  Then it will be re-installed and the second bridge will be pulled for restoration. Special thanks to Darlene Collet, Jerry Wiersma, Susan and Orville Crain, Haley Knight, Braxton Gerdes, Blake Jonassen, John Noling, and Annette Smedley for getting more paint on the bridge than you got on yourselves.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to serve in the coming weeks!

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