Law Day Winners

In 1957,  Charles S. Rhyne , president of the American Bar Association, envisioned a special day to celebrate  our legal system.  Sixty years later, as told by Alisha Riedl  — the organization’s Law Day chair, below, who set the stage for two high school presenters — young people across America still debate our country’s laws.  In Muskegon, speeches representing both sides of the 14th Amend-ment were heard on April 28, 2017.  Students were given the challenge of answering the following question:
The 14th Amendment protects a person’s right to be treated equally under the law. The Supreme Court has ruled that discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or national origin is unconstitutional. However, when evaluating applicants for admissions, colleges examine a number of variables, including these, when deciding whether to accept a student. Should colleges be allowed to factor a student’s race and gender as part of the admissions process?                     

Students from across Muskegon County prepared speeches and essays discussing an issue that many will face in the future.

The Club heard two of the winning speeches last week.  First , we heard from Claire McCall, a 9th grader from North Muskegon High School.  Claire gave an impassioned speech on the benefits of Affirmative Action.   Next, Rina McClain, left, a senior from Muskegon High School spoke eloquently on how Affirmative Action produces discrimination by favoring one group while adversely affecting another.

Both orators presented and defended their ideas brilliantly.

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