Volunteer for Dental

Introduction by Rob Taylor
Speakers: Suzanne Tanis and Jackie Lindrup from Volunteers for Dental

By RIM Reporter Lori Weiler

Jackie Lindrup gave a brief history of Volunteers for Dental. After seeing a program called Dentists’ Partnership program in Calhoun County/Greater Battle Creek Area, they knew there was great need in Muskegon. They started a pilot in Muskegon called Muskegon Volunteers for Dental Care. They garnered support from the Community Foundation and received a $3,000 grant which enabled them to hire a grant writer. That led to additional grants from Alcoa, Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and  others.

Suzanne Tanis and Jackie outlined how the program offers basic dental care for adults in exchange for volunteer service. Eligible participants are Muskegon or Oceana County residents, they are uninsured or underinsured, they meet income limits (see your brochure or their website for current information:

>>> hour of volunteer time earns $25 in dental care for them.


There is a long list of local dentists participating in the program (be sure and thank your dentist if he/she is one of the volunteers). The Volunteer for Dental office space (where you’ll find Susanne) is donated by Access Health.

This RIM Reporter will attempt to list a few of the many benefits to the community that come from this program:


Rotarians, what an awesome organization—if you didn’t grab a brochure to give to share with someone who could benefit from this program, be sure and jump on their website for more information or 766-7129.

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