Our Club


Standing Committees

Committee: Club Administration Council
Description: Appointed by the President and oversees the following Committees:
Greeters, Lunch Programs, 50/50 Raffle, Student Guests, Invocation
Chair: Nancy Crandall, Cathy Brubaker-Clarke
Members: Joshua Wallace

Committee: Greeters Committee
Description: Makes sure someone greets every Rotarian at weekly luncheons and “zaps” them for attendance records. Greeters make sure guests sign in so they can be introduced by their host.
Chair: Jane Clingman-Scott
Members: Adam Bell, Rich Berry, Jill Bonthuis, Andy Buelow, Bob Chapla, Jane Clingman-scott, Chand Cregg, Andrew Cutler, Daniel Hartmann, Erin Kuhn, Inday Olsen, Merideth, Smillie, Ginny Sprague, Heidi Sytsema, Katie VanDoeselaar, Ken Rasp, Jeremy Williams

Committee: Lunch Program Committee
Description: Finds speakers for every luncheon.
Chair: Dave Alexander
Members: Bob Chapla, Kris, Collee, Don Crandall, Dawn Johnson, Heidi Sytsema, Jay Wallace, Sr., Jonathan Wilson

Committee: 50-50 Raffle Committee
Description: Sells raffle tickets to Rotarians as they arrive for lunch, then pulls 3 tickets for a $5, $10, and $20 winner at each luncheon.
Profits go to the water filter project that is part of the Rotary International World Community Service Committee.
Chair: Edwin Hendrickson
Members: Frank Peterson, Mary Beth Ramos, Eric Seifert, Frank Peterson, Jay Wallace, Sr., Josh Silvis

Committee: Student Guests Committee
Description: Introduce visiting schools/students at each luncheon
Chair: Bob Chapla, Marty Sytsema

Committee: Invocation Committee
Description: Makes sure someone is prepared to offer a non-denominational invocation at the beginning of each luncheon.
Chair: Alan Alpert, Jack Briggs
Members: Jane Clingman-Scott, Jim Schiltz, John Snider, Tom Powers

Committee: Finance Committee
Chair: Catherine Brubaker-Clarke
Members: Kathy Moore, Linda Juarez, Tim Arter

Committee: Club Membership Council
Description: Appointed by the President and oversees the following committees:
Recruitment, Retention/Engagement, Orientation, New Members Mentors (Red Star), Social and Family Events, Caring Connection, Rotary Business Connections, Committee Engagement
Chair: Catherine Brubaker-Clarke, Annoesjka Soler
Members: Nancy Crandall, Annette Jack, Brianna Scott, Darlene Collet, Doug Wood, Howard Hardesty, Jim Fisher, Orville Crain, Sue Cloutier Crain, Timothy Lipan

Committee: Membership Retention & Engagement Committee
Description: Work to retain and engage members of the club. Call those who are routinely absent.
Chair: Brianna Scott, Kevin Ricco
Members: Jim Fisher, Dave Manley, Doug Wood, Erin Kuhn, Gary Nelund, Joshua Wallace, Kathy Moore

Committee: Membership Recruitment Committee
Description: Recruit new members into Rotary
Chair: Howard Hardesty, Orville Crain
Members: Dave Manley, Dawn Johnson, J Griffith, Jim Fisher, Joseph Finkler, Mary Anne Gorman

Committee: Orientation Committee
Description: New member prospects must attend orientation to learn: specifics of Rotary’s mission, expectations of each member, and information about committees they can join.
Chair: Bill Loxterman, Howard Hardesty, Orville Crain

Committee: New Member Mentor/Red Star Committee
Description: Provide a formal and fun way for new members to become familiar with the Club.
Chair: Doug Wood, Darlene Collet
Members: Annette Jack, Jay Wallace, Sr., Kathy Moore, Marty Gerencer, Michael Schultz, Tamara Jackson-Gatewood

Committee: Social & Family Events Committee
Description: Develop events for Rotarians to socialize beyond the weekly luncheons; plan events for Rotarians to enjoy with their families.
We meet monthly at 11:30am at Carmen’s Cafe on the first Monday of each month.
Chair: Timothy Lipan
Members: Annoesjka Soler, Brianna Scott, Darlene Collet, Jay Wallace, Sr., Nancy Crandall, Orville Crain, Sue Cloutier Crain, Tom Schaub, Mike Muskovin

Committee: Caring Connection Committee
Description: Send notes, flowers, or cards to members who have experienced life events.
Chair: Annette Jack, Morton Kantor
Members: Doug Wood, James Rausch, Pam Babbitt, Lisa Metzdorf

Committee: Community Outreach Council
Description: Appointed by the President and oversees the following committees:
Public Relations, RIM Newsletter, Website, Diversity & Inclusion
Chair: Sue Crain, Dave Alexander

Committee: Website Committee
Description: Maintain the Muskegon Rotary Club website and ClubRunner database.
Chair: Jason Piasecki
Members: Bill Loxterman, Doug Wood, Howard Hardesty

Committee: Public Relations Committee
Description: Handle Public Relations for the Muskegon Chapter of Rotary including traditional media and social media.
Chair: Orville Crain, J Griffith
Members: Andrew Cutler, Bill Kordupel, Bob Scolnik, Chad Lawie, Corey Watson, Deni Hunter, Jay Wallace, Sr., Kirk Hallman, Lori Weiler

Committee: RIM Newsletter Committee
Description: Report for and publish a weekly newsletter that is the reference center for Club news, announcements, and information available over the internet to members and friends as well as to District 6290 and worldwide web readership.
Chair: Bill Johanson
Members: Diane Van Epps, Jason Piasecki, Kathy Moore, Lisa Hegenbart, Margaret Hennelly-Maniates, Robin Hard

Committee: Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Description: Ensure the Club is culturally sensitive and diverse. Look at calendars to be sure Rotary events don’t fall on important holidays of smaller religious groups, that invocations are non-denominational, and that our club is as inclusive as possible and that is represents the diversity (age, race, sex, etc.) of Muskegon.
Chair: Brianna Scott, Jeff Lewis
Members: Asaline Scott, Dakota Crow, Diana Osborn, Doug Wood, Jeanette Harris, Jeanette Hoyer, Jim Schiltz, Julia Koch, Kate Scarbrough, Kelly Richards, Kim Sims, Marcia Hovey-Wright, Nancy McCarthy, Papa N’Jai, Roman Marciniak, Steve Dix, Venancia Avorque, Diane Fleser, Howard Hardesty, Inday Olsen, Heidi Sytsema, Robert Taylor, Jerry Wiersma

Committee: Community Service Projects Council
Description: Appointed by the President and oversees the following Committees:
Food Drive, Rotary Park, 1 in 21 (Local health and wellness), Community Grants
Chair: Linda Juarez, Brianna Scott, Kathy Moore
Members: Christine Robere, Gary Post, Michael Schultz, Papa N’Jai

Committee: 1 in 21- Local Health and Wellness Committee
Description: Work to make Muskegon a healthier community, aiming to be the healthiest County in MI by 2021.
Chair: Jeff Fortenbacher, Stevi Riel
Members: Bruce Spoelman, Jamie Hekker, John Severson, Joshua Wallace, Julia Rupp, Kathy Moore, Linda Juarez, Sue Cloutier Crain

Committee: Community Grants Committee
Description: Always chaired by Past-president of Rotary. Take Income funds from Rotary Fund at Community Foundation and give out grants annually. Requires review of grant applications.
Chair: Joshua Wallace
Members: Arn Boezaart, Bob Chapla, Sue Clotier Crain, Brianna Scott, David Hogan, Don Crandall, Gary Nelund, Jay Wallace, Jr., Jim Fisher, John Noling, John Snider, Judy Johnson, Nancy Crandall, Stephen Olsen, Sylvia Precious, Patricia Walstra

Committee: Grape Escape Committee
Description: Find a nonprofit to partner with for the event, secure a location for the event, find vendors willing to share wine, beer, and food for the event, sell tickets to the event. Profits from the event are split with the Nonprofit that was selected by the Committee.
Chair: Diane VanEpps, Marty Gerencer
Members: Daniel Hartmann, Dave Manley, Deni Hunter, Eric Gielow, Eric Ringelberg, Jay Wallace, Sr., Jeff Fortenbacher, Jennifer Roach, Jerry Wiersma, Joshua Wallace, Julia Koch, Kathy Betts, Linda Jabas, Mary Beth Ramos, Matt Kaley, Megan Byard Karaba, Nancy Crandall, Pam Babbitt, Robert Lukens, Roman Marciniak, Stephen Olsen, Eric Seifert, Doug Wood

Subcommittee: Silent Auction
Chair: Robin Hard, Ginny Sprague
Members: Marty Gerencer, Daniel Hartmann, Julia Koch, Diane Van Epps

Subcommittee: Wine & Beer
Chair: Eric Ringelberg, Marcia Hovey-Wright
Members: Diane Van Epps, Marty Gerencer

Subcommittee: Food
Chair: Jennifer Roach
Members: Dave Manley

Subcommittee: Volunteers
Chair: Jay Wallace, Sr., Linda Jabas

Subcommittee: Charity Partner
Chair: Diane Van Epps, Marty Gerencer

Subcommittee: Venue
Chair: Marty Gerencer
Members: Diane Van Epps

Subcommittee: Sponsorships
Chair: Nancy Crandall, Eric Gielow

Subcommittee: Legal Counsel
Chair: Eric Gielow
Members: Diane Van Epps, Marty Gerencer

Subcommittee: Advisor

Subcommittee: Food MOU Signed

Subcommittee: Marketing & PR
Chair:Jennie Roach

Committee: Literacy Committee
Description: To identify and implement avenues for Rotary to provide support to literacy programming in Muskegon County
Chair: Melissa Moore
Members: Bryce Tallant, Doug Wood, Jackie Fisher, Jane Clingman-Scott, Joanie Smith, John Severson, Kelly Richards, Patricia Walstra

Committee: Party in the Park Committee
Description: Organize and run our summer Party in the Park; Find volunteers to work the event, including greeters, beer sales, raffle ticket sales, and more. Profits from this fundraiser are used for Rotary projects and scholarships.
Chair: Merica Dobry
Members: Pam Babbitt, Don Crandall, Andrew Cutler, Ammy Seymour, Chanda Cregg, Erin Kuhn, Jay Wallace, Jr., Jay Wallace, Sr., Jeanette Harris, Kyle Harris, Jamie Hekker, Lisa Grossenbacher, Marcia Hovey-Wright, Christopher Kuhn, Randy Lindquist, Joan Schmitt, Brianna Scott, Terry Jules, Jonathan Wilson

Committee: Seaway Run Committee
Description: Plan and execute Seaway Run
Chair: Jamie Hekker
Members: Dakota Crow, Doug Wood, Jeanette Harris

Committee: New Generation Services Council
Description: Appointed by the President and oversees the following committees:
Life Leadership Conference, Interact, Rotaract, Strive, Youth Exchange, Scholarships

Committee: Life Leadership Conference Committee
Description: Recruit and select Life Leadership Conferees and mentor them.
Chair: Brianna Scott, John Noling
Members: Al Kochka, David Ramos, Jeremy Williams, Joanie Smith, John Severson, Jon Gale, Kathy Moore, Megan Byard Karaba, Pam Babbitt, Randy Lindquist, Shawn Jenkins, Joanie Smith

Committee: Interact Committee
Description: Connect high school students with Rotary Mission and our club.
Chair: Randy Lindquist
Members: Brittany Lenertz, D.J. Hilson, Dakota Crow, Doug Wood, Greg Helmer, Jim Nielsen, John Noling, Matt Kaley, Matthew VanderVelde, John Closz, Diane Fleser, Randy Lindquist, Tom Livezey, Zabrina Santiago, Kristy Sweet, Jeremy Williams

Committee: Rotaract Committee
Description: Connect college students to Rotary Mission and our Rotary Club
Chair: Dale Nesbary
Members: Doug Wood, Gary Nelund, Jeff Lohman, John Noling

Committee: STRIVE Committee
Description: Delete Committee?? Inactive.
Connect mentors to local students who need extra attention.
Chair: John Severson
Members: Brianna Scott, Gary Post, Heather Brolick, John Snider, Mark Meyers, Martin Asplund, Rich Kramer, Sue Cloutier Crain

Committee: Youth Exchange Committee
Description: Coordinate Youth Exchange Program for our Club
Chair: Jackie Fisher, Joanie Smith

Committee: Scholarships Committee
Description: Select students through an application process to receive education scholarships from Rotary.
Chair: Megan Byard Karaba
Members: Bob Irwin, Judy Johnson, Marty Ferriby, Rich Kramer, Shawn Jenkins, James Line, Aaron Maike, Inday Olsen

Committee: Every Rotarian Every Year Committee
Description: Get every Rotarian to give $100 annually to Rotary Foundation
Chair: Ginny Sprague
Members: Don Crandall, Jim Fisher, Joshua Wallace, Nancy Crandall

Committee: Paul Harris Fellowships Committee
Description: Present awards to Rotarians who have earned a Paul Harris Fellowship award, which is given for every $1,000 (cumulative) that a Rotarian gives to Rotary International, or for exceptional service (often given to non-Rotarians).
Chair: Ginny Sprague
Members: Don Crandall, Jane Clingman-Scott, Jay Wallace, Sr., Jim Fisher, Judy Johnson, Nancy Crandall

Committee: World Community Service Committee
Description: Special projects
Chair: Mark Meyers, Nancy Crandall
Members: Asaline Scott, Brianna Scott, Cathy Brubaker-Clarke, Darlene Collet, Don Crandall, Jack Briggs, Jane Clingman-Scott, Jay Wallace, Sr., Jeanette Hoyer, Linda Juarez, Mark Eisenbarth, Nancy McCarthy, Pam Babbitt, Roman Marciniak, Sue Cloutier Crain, Jeanette Hoyer

Committee: Potential Members
Description: To coordinate potential new members
Members: Kathy Betts, Nancy Crandall

Yearly Committees

Committee: Rotary International Foundation Council
Description: Appointed by the President and oversees the following committees:
Every Rotarian Every Year, End Polio Now, Rotary Foundation Grants, World Community Service, Brave Rotarians, Paul Harris Fellowship Awards
Chair: Ginny Sprague

Updated July 2018