Life Leadership Report to Rotary

From  Apria Snodgrass, Muskegon HS Senior, Feb 1, 2019

Let me start off by saying the Life Leadership Conference I attended was a unique experience that no other setting I have come in contact with could mirror. It was simply an encounter that I could not, or in better terms would not, keep to myself. It was the reason I prioritized creating a Muskegon High School Rotary Interact Club with the help of Cruz Pena, John Noling, and many others. Anyone looking to improve their already present leadership skills would benefit from this conference. Not only this, but also gain new friendships, motivation, and a bigger heart along the way.

My personal impact was a significant one. Not only did I get to sharpen up and further define my leadership skills, I was able to get a broader view on how other individuals did the same. Observing, interacting, and collecting other people’s ways put a spark on my own growth.

There was never a dull moment and there was always something new to be learned or taught.

The biggest take-away for me would be the idea that making connections to create friendships allows a great amount of support in a long-term scale. I loved that there was always laughter and smiles and how everyone just clicked like we have known each other forever. That is something that fuels motivation and an open heart.

The most memorable activity at the conference was the one demonstrating the effects of a boss versus a leader. The reason I think this one stuck the most is because it is often that people believe a boss and a leader fall into the same category. From that activity I learned that positivity is everything.

The way someone presents themselves to other people not only affects productivity, it also improves the ability to under-stand other people emotionally. This can be a powerful tool when I want to encourage people to use an effective way to empower others.

The Life Leadership Conference has allowed me to see things in a new light. This includes making better decisions, offering my time to those who need it, connecting with other leaders, and so much more. Overall this conference has taught me that even though all these people were very much different from me, we were all (in a way) the same. We have the same drive to better ourselves, to help other people, and to reshape the world in a positive image.

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