By RIM Reporter Lisa Hegenbart

Continuing on the amazing work over the last six years, the Baker College of Muskegon Rotaract Club is making a tremendous impact in the local community! The Rotaract club is “the club to be in” on campus and Thursday we learned why.
With members who are full-time students, working full- or part-time jobs with an average GPA of 3.5 or better, the Rotaractors are finding time to volunteer collectively – over 500 hours in 30 weeks. They are giving not only of their time but monetarily and nonmonetary donations.
Linda Meyers, Rotaract Faculty Advisor, shared how proud she was of the students, and that the club could not accomplish all their work without the support of our Rotary club.
In 2017-2018, the Muskegon Rescue Mission was the non-profit chosen by Rotaract to focus their volunteer, sponsorship and fundraising fundraising efforts
on. The group donated 398 articles of clothing valued at over $500, sponsored Soup for Suits at $150,through Baker College donated a depreciated value of $20,000 in office furniture and then at this meeting (drum roll…….) a check for $10,500!
This year, Rotaract hosted the first annual Trivia Contest. The team of Orville Crain, Cathy Brubaker-Clarke and Jim Fisher were the winners raising over $1132 and receiving awards on Thursday. Rotaract donated back to the Rotary club the $1132 raised. The additional two teams that participated from Rotary raised $936.81.

Our PowerPoint presentation  Rotaract Club Final Presentation 2017-2018 FINA…

When asked why the students wanted to engage as a Rotaract member, they shared some of the following statements: “I wanted to use my free time in a more productive manner,” “I wanted to be  part of a ‘community’ of friends and it now feels like family for community outreach and networking,” to share a few. They believe in the motto “Service Above Self” which is truly shown through all their hard work and impact on organizations in  Muskegon!

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