Watch Muskegon: the Rebranding of our  Community

The Club was treated to an update on the success and impacts of the Watch Muskegon campaign by its director Carla Flanders.

Watch Muskegon was created to help spread positive news about Muskegon County. The group is comprised of a number of local business leaders and residents that care about our community. The plan is based on three pillars…

1.  Marketing/Branding
2.  Education/Muskegon STAR!
3,  Beautification/Sherman Blvd Corridor

At this point, research indicates it has been a success with more people positively viewing Muskegon as a destination, but some of the old perceptions still linger. The areas of concern are education and safe living environments.  The committee continues to work on these.
A new 30-second ad video has been produced by Revel, and is enjoyable watching at:

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