‘Round Rotary’s RIM (11/12/15)


Jeanette Harris, shown, an Aflac district sales coordinator, sponsored by Julia Koch, became our newest member, bringing our number to 229.  Two more names will soon appear on our rolls, leaving Muskegon Rotary the 1st or 2nd largest Club in District 6290, thanks largely to Recruiting Chair Orville Crain, shown below with President Susan singing some of their favorite Tex Ritter cowboy songs.  Meanwhile, Welcome, Jeanette!

Remember!  This week’s meeting will be at the Harbor Holiday Inn.

Last weekend, Susan Crain, Orville Crain, John Noling and one other (name lost in the midst of all the excitement at Club… sorry) attended One Summit, a meeting of Rotarians from a large number of clubs. They learned new ways to market our growing group and make our recruiting even more successful.  These ideas will be submitted to the Board for consideration.


I forgot to announce that next Thursday the 12th is New Member Get Together, happening at our home at 1436 Brusse Ave, Muskegon MI 49442. My cell is 231-828-1818 — Susan



Looking to donate a couple hours to a good cause? Tom Powers queried.  The season to give will soon be upon us and bell ringing is a major source of funding for the Salvation Army.  Spend a little time greeting your fellow Muskegonites with a smile, ringing a bell and help an organization that does an amazing amount of good locally while keeping administrative costs incredibly low.  In the midst of his sales pitch, Tom committed a little faux pas (pronounced “foo-paw” in Muskegon) with an innocent young woman in the corner of the room.  It was a great fun foo, to be sure, but a secret for only those in attendance.  Others can regret playing hooky last week.


Salvation Army Development Director and prospective member Robin Henshaw (Dan Sawka); Independent Bank’s Melissa Manetti-Evans (Dawn & Orville);  BSA exec Brian Springett (Rem Sprague); MCC Development Director Todd Woodard (Rob Bridges); and Rev Eid Beshara, Dona & Sevanne Demirjian (Garry Ostrom).  Student guests were Oakridge Eagles.

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