Raise the Roof

Nancy Bierenga will be the new president of the Greater Muskegon Woman’s Club, as of June 2018. She works for E’lan Reality and volunteers in various organizations.
Nancy, photo top of page, provided a brief overview of the Woman’s Club. In the past few years, they have donated to the many area causes and are still active in the community. They have several educational and enrichment classes coming up. They invited everyone to come May 17 for a film preview of “Coming Up for Air” with Roger Rapoport, the producer. They are celebrating Read Early Read Often week with story time for lunch on 5/12/18.
They are looking for help from the community to continue their legacy. The club’s clay roof needs to be replaced; they want to add an elevator and have some kitchen renovations. The full cost is $125,000. Whether someone makes a personal donation or hosts a dessert time to spread the word, all help is appreciated.
Pat Camp, a Muskegonite since 1963 and member of the Greater Muskegon Woman’s Club, is chairperson for Book Talk, Meet the Ship and Raise the Roof events. She has enjoyed a successful career of Professional Nursing Practice and Administra-tion.   Presently, Pat, right, is president of Med5 LLC, a Muskegon Corporation.
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