Muskegon Rotary Club Leave of Absence Policy

Muskegon Rotary Club Leave of Absence Policy

Club members may request a leave of absence for the following reasons:

  1. Education (taking time off to return to college, get a professional certification, etc.)
  2. Employment (temporary work assignment out of the area, moving, etc.)
  3. “Snowbirds” (going South for the Winter and returning in the Spring)

Maximum time allotted for the leave of absence:

Three months, may request an additional three month extension for extenuating circumstances

Payment during leave of absence:

Minimum payment is the cost of district and international dues (no charge for meals)

Request for Leave of Absence:

Requests are to be made in writing (letter or e-mail) to the Club Secretary. The request will be forwarded to the Membership Chairperson/s, who will make the final decision. The decision will be sent back to the Secretary, who will send a formal reply to the applicant.