Grape Escape

Grape Escape

*Update February 28, 2017*
The deadline has been reached and no further submissions will be accepted.


February 1, 2017

Request for Proposals

Muskegon Rotary Grape Escape 2017

Beneficiary Organization


Muskegon Rotary Grape Escape Committee is seeking applications from charitable, 501(c)3 organizations to be our 2017 beneficiary of funds in the amount of $10,000 towards direct service programs that show evidence-based outcomes. More than $130,000 has been raised over 13 years for programs that impact our community!


Qualifying applicant organizations shall fit the following criteria:

  • 501(c)3 Charitable non-profit organizations
  • Serve Muskegon County


Applicants should demonstrate ability to participate directly through the planning and implementation of the event by providing volunteer involvement on the committee and organization level. Beneficiary responsibilities include:

  • Assigning an agency representative to serve on the Grape Escape Committee (Meetings held on first Monday of each month at 5:30PM, Third Street Grille).
  • Assumes organizational responsibilities of the Silent Auction Team (agency representative is Chair of the Silent Auction Team, solicits donations, handles set-up and check-out of the auction, and providing records of donations. Meetings held once per month between Monthly Committee Meeting).
  • Provides logo for recognition on printed materials.
  • Serves as a location for selling event tickets.
  • Helps promote the event through their network.
  • Engages Board of Directors and volunteers through attendance/ticket sales.


Muskegon Rotary will provide the following:

  • All management and organization of the event.
  • Provide the agency with all printed materials and resources needed to help accomplish the tasks, including helping to provide members of the Silent Auction Team.
  • Signs and manages all event contracts, licensing required by the State of Michigan.
  • Provides all promotional materials of the event.
  • Handles and reconciles all cash with the assistance of the Grape Escape Committee.
  • Engages Rotary membership of 200+ members to serve as volunteers for the event.


Applications should be sent to Co-Chair Marty Gerencer by Tuesday, February 28, 2017 by 5:00PM ET, submitted by e-mail at marty@morseconnections.com. Applicant organization will be notified by Friday, March 31, 2017 and announced at Muskegon Rotary Club Assembly on Thursday, April 13, 2017. Applicant organizations with ties to Rotary Muskegon will be strongly considered as a form of engagement that meets our organizational philosophies and beliefs. See application on page 2, reverse.

Please submit request on agency letterhead, signed by the Executive Director/CEO. The applicant should submit no more than two pages to address the following points:

  1. Define the purpose of the grant.
    1. Clearly define the need that will be met through Muskegon Rotary Grape Escape.
    2. Number of people you intend to impact.
    3. Define the impact this will make (connect the primary purpose to community need).
  1. Define the mission of the applicant organization.
    1. State the mission.
    2. Brief History of the organization.
    3. Describe how the mission meets the Rotary “Four Way Test.”
  1. Please explain the outcomes of this proposed project.
    1. Describe how the organization will measure success.
    2. Address if this is an on-going project or one-time investment.
    3. Specifically state the measurable outcomes.
  1. Tell us about the organization’s capacity to fulfill the responsibilities as the benefitting organization of Grape Escape Funds, including the organization’s capacity to manage events.


Deadline: February 28, 2017 at 5:00PM ET

Agency notifications: March 31, 2017

Announced: April 13, 2017