Passing the Gavel: A Big Year to Look Back On

Cathy Brubaker-Clarke began her talk with a sweet moment: a kiss from her husband, Doug. She then took us on a trip down Memory Lane by highlighting the favorite moments during her presidency. Cathy’s message – it takes all of us to make Rotary successful.  She said, “This Club is incredible and I offer my heartfelt appreciation to you all.”

There were a few people that received special accolades from Cathy.  Nancy Crandall, our outgoing secretary, was honored and presented with a plaque engraved with her years of service and a very cool Rotary umbrella, which everyone wants now!
Nancy thoughtfully presented fellow alumni Bill Johanson with an Indiana University flag that he can fly proudly at his home!  Of course, upon receipt of the flag, Bill, in his usual mischievous style, told a compelling, yet incredibly funny story about his late dad’s accordion.  Apparently, even in the worst parts of town, accordions are known to do the unexpected!

After the laughter subsided, Kathy Moore took the president’s oath and Cathy, now past president, took off her president’s pin and pinned it on Kathy.  The past year’s theme banner was removed from the lectern and presented to Past President Cathy.  The new banner, “Be the Inspiration,” replaced the former one.  All new officers and board members took their oaths and were sworn into service.  Kathy Moore then presented a card and beautiful bookends with globes to Past President Cathy and the gavel was passed.  Kathy offered an abridged version of her speech, page 2, agenda and her focus for the year–Health, Literacy and YOU!

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